Dry Hop Pils

Timmy and I have a extreme passion for making Pilsner style beer. After enjoying a hazy IPA, I often find myself searching for a clean and crisp Pilsner. All of the pilsners we brew are unfiltered, clarifier free, and fermented in the high 40’s. These typically take longer then we would like, but the payoff is well worth the wait. I am extremely interested in how the slightest changes in brewing can effect this brilliant but difficult style. Czech Down Pils was dry hopped with over 1 pound per barrel of Saaz and it was one of our favorites we have made so far.

I was hoping to have a strong hop flavor and aroma without over powering the beer, and I believe we achieved that. We will be brewing another dry hopped Pilsner with a twist shortly. We recently received 2019 whole cone Mosaic hops and we plan to use that in our whirlpool. Mosaic will be added at a cooler temperature in the whirlpool to try and get as much flavor and aroma out of it as we can.

After our typical Pilsner fermentation schedule, we are going to dry hop it with 2019 Citra pellets. I have wanted to do this forever and I am extremely excited to see how this turns out. This beer will probably be ready to consume in 5-7 weeks depending on how it clarifies. We talked about selling this without going through a long lagering period, but decided to stick with the regular fermentation schedule.

Stay tuned for more

Ryan Seiz – Head Brewer

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