Holiday and December Beer REleases 2021

Holiday 2021 Hours:



  • Monday 12/20/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Tuesday 12/21/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Wednesday 12/22/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Thursday 12/23/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Friday 12/24/21: 10:00 AM–2:00 PM
  • Saturday 12/25/21: Closed
  • Sunday 12/26/2021: Closed
  • Monday 12/27/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Tuesday 12/28/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Wednesday 12/29/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Thursday 12/30/21: 12:00 PM–6:00 PM
  • Friday 12/31/21: 10:00 AM–2:00 PM
  • Saturday 1/1/22: Closed
  • Sunday 1/2/22: Closed

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December 15th, 2021

Shreti the Gnar Monster – Hazy IPA - ABV 8.0%

Available Online - A Hazy IPA hopped heavily with Citra, Vic Secret, and Amarillo. Expect aromas and flavors that include intense citrus, mango, and tropical fruit. Oats were added to the mash to create a soft body

Doppelbock - ABV 8.0%

Available Online - Our be-loved doppelbock in 16 oz cans! Often referred as a beer that tastes like “liquid bread”. This lager has notes of toasted bread, toffee, and maltiness. We extended our lager process to 8 weeks to ensure this beer is clear and clean

December 16th, 2021 - WALK IN ONLY

Hazylvania Hunters-DDH Hazy IPA - ABV 6.5%

WALK IN ONLY - This Double Dry-hopped Hazy IPA began with Citra and was followed by a round of Citra, Galaxy, and Bru-1. Expect intense peach, pineapple, and tropical fruit flavors. This is a collaborative brew with our friends from Breweries in PA.

Weekend of December 19th, 2021: online and walk in

Illsner Pilser - ABV 4.5%

Available Online - A collab with our good friends Pizza Boy Brewing. The crisp pilsner uses hand selected German Hallertau hops. Expect a clean crisp Pilsner that highlights the Hallertau hops.

Helles Lager - ABV 5.5%

Available Online - An unfiltered Helles that uses traditional German malts in the mash to help create a malt-forward beer. This is lightly hopped to help balance the maltiness. Crisp and refreshing. This beer IS unfiltered, so there will be haze. Lagered for an extended period of time.

DDH Juicy Pils - ABV 6.0%

Available Online - Our Juicy Pils base recipe double dry-hopped. Citra was used in the first and second dry hop to create a smooth and flavorful Pilsner. This beer went through our normal lager fermentation so it will taste crisp and refreshing. Expect a juicy and crisp beer with a touch of haze!

Sugar Shack Imperial Stout - ABV 12.2%

Available Online - An Imperial Stout aged on maple syrup and coffee beans. A four-hour boil was chosen to help provide a thick mouthfeel. Expect a flavorful stout that highlights the adjuncts' chosen.

DDH Citra Sensation - ABV 6.5%

Available Online - Our beloved Citra Sensation recipe that we double dry-hopped. Citra was used in the boil, first dry hop, and second dry hop. Expect a smooth and tropical flavor that highlights one of our favorite hops.

El Dorado/Rakau-Hazy IPA ABV 6.5%

More details to come

Cranberry Shandy - ABV 4.4%

More details to come

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