Biergarten INFO

The Basics:

  • There is limited seating in the Biergarten, so please bring chairs or blankets for when the Biergarten fills up. The field is open for overflow. 
  • No reservations are currently needed. It is first come first served.
  • Please listen to the parking attendants and follow to overflow lots.  
  • We suggest utilizing  Uber, Lyft, or get dropped off as we do get pretty full on nice days and events.  
  • No dogs, please. 
  • All beer will be served by draft.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages – coolers are subject to search. 
  • Merchandise and four-packs will be available for sale in the tasting room.
  • If you buy a four-pack to go, please take it home with you – don’t be sneaky. 
  • There are bathrooms in the tasting room along with the porta-johns outside.
  • Please keep off of our hops as they are needed for beer production. 
  • We are kid-friendly! Our goal is to keep everyone safe – parents are expected to supervise  and please keep children off of the few trees we have on the property.

A few ground rules on children in the BIERGARTEN:

Please review the following if you plan on brining children to the brewery:

1. Supervision Requirement: Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while on the premises of Warwick Farm Brewing. This includes both indoor and outdoor areas of the property.

2. Stay within Designated Areas: Children are to remain within designated public. Restricted

areas, including staff-only and areas near the septic system and woods are off-limits.

3. Respect Neighbors’ Property: Children and accompanying adults must respect the boundaries of Warwick Farm Brewing’s property and refrain from entering neighboring yards or properties.

4. Golf Course Protocol: Children are NOT permitted on the golf course and should not engage in any behavior that distract golfers. Any damage caused will be the responsibility of the accompanying adults, and repeated disturbances may result in being asked to leave.

5. Septic System Awareness: Parents or guardians must educate children about the importance of not tampering with the septic system. Damage may result in immediate removal from the premises and potential liability for repair costs.

6. Verbal Warning: If unsupervised or unruly behavior is observed, accompanying adults will receive a verbal warning and be reminded of our child supervision policy.

7. Enforcement of Policy: Failure to comply after a verbal warning may result in being asked to leave. Warwick Farm Brewing reserves the right to enforce this policy for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.

8. Cooperation and Respect: We appreciate the cooperation of all patrons in ensuring a safe environment. By adhering to these policies, we can create a positive experience for everyone.

Upon Arrival

Please follow the parking attendant when you arrive. If you are getting dropped off, please follow the signs to the drop-off location. 

Ordering beer

Head to the tasting room or beer coop so we can assist you. 


 What if I get Hungry?

We have food trucks on-site with food available for purchase.  Our Food Trucks page has the onsite tucks listed each day. If there is no truck that day, you are welcome to bring or order whatever you’d like. 

Still have questions? Send them our way.

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