Update as of January 14th 2021:

Well friends, we are raising the barn. The roofing trusses are going in. Note that these will remain exposed after construction, giving our tasting room a large and open feel. 

Update as of January 4th 2021:

Hanging and Banging….the outer and inner walls of the tasting room have been hung! Roof trusses are next. Things are really shaping up. 

Update as of December 28th 2020:

The foundation and subfloor are now all set! Framing will continue into the new year. Hopefully the weather stays nice for the next few months. 

Update as of November 18th 2020:

We have finished our foundation. Lots of block and concrete have gone into this process. We are so thankful to all who have helped out! We also built our firewall for the tasting room. This meets code and beyond! More good things to come. 👀

Update as of November 1st 2020:

We are making headway with our tasting room. The gallery above shows the foundation being laid for our taproom. Does anyone want to guess how many blocks were used? 1,200.  
We are aiming to get everything framed before it gets too cold, then move inside. The projected timeline is for the taproom to be completed by Spring 2021. 

Stay tuned….📺

Update as of October 21st 2020

Well, will you look at that!? We are moving some earth getting ready to build our taproom! We have officially broken ground! Stop by for more updates over the next few months. ✌


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