Update as of January 1st 2022:

The final months of 2021 kept us very busy. We have closed up the inside of the teasting room, paved the parking lot and installed parking lights. Our cold-room will be up and running soon. We currently don’t have a date as to when it will open, but we’re getting closer!

Update as of September 1st 2021:

August was super busy! Here is a dump of everything that has been completed – including the decking, electrical, HVAC, and trim work. All exterior doors have been installed as well. Stay tuned for timing for the Grand Opening this fall. 

Update as of July 14th 2021:

The decking has started to be put down and the walls are starting to be closed up. 

Update as of June 22nd 2021:

More internal finish work has begun! We have fully insulated the tasting room from top to bottom. The next step is to start closing in the walls. 

Update as of June 17th 2021:

The crew was here to help widen the entry to the brewery. This will help with traffic flow! 🚗🚙🚘

Update as of June 9th 2021:

We have enclosed the ceiling of the front deck with knotty pine. The first step of the finish work. 

Update as of May 27th 2021:

We have finished siding the tasting room and hung the coconut coir for our hop field. 

Update as of May 13th 2021:

Our Biergarten is now open! We have been working on it for a few weeks now. More information is located here

Update as of April 21th 2021:

We have dropped in the pole to start growing our hops! The ribosomes should arrive this week! We will plan to grow Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, and Nugget on site. 🌱

Update as of April 16th 2021:

We have started clearing the land for our beer garden. We are expecting it to open in mid-May.  The diggers have been digging! 🚛🚚

Update as of March 17th 2021:

The porch is all framed in and the roof is on! Cannot wait to have you all enjoy the views from this. Also pictured is the rough framing for the indoor fireplace. 

Update as of March 10th 2021:

The windows have been installed! We are looking to finish up the porch framing and roof soon! 

Update as of february 17th 2021:

The wrap round porch is underway (given a little snow!) Spring is right around the corner which should allow us to wrap up porch construction. 

Update as of february 5th 2021:

Internal framing is underway for the restrooms. Rough-in for plumbing has started as well! 

Update as of January 29th 2021:

The roof is now on the tap room and the porch framing has begun. We are making excellent progress! 

Update as of January 14th 2021:

Well friends, we are raising the barn. The roofing trusses are going in. Note that these will remain exposed after construction, giving our tasting room a large and open feel. 

Update as of January 4th 2021:

Hanging and Banging….the outer and inner walls of the tasting room have been hung! Roof trusses are next. Things are really shaping up. 

Update as of December 28th 2020:

The foundation and subfloor are now all set! Framing will continue into the new year. Hopefully the weather stays nice for the next few months. 

Update as of November 18th 2020:

We have finished our foundation. Lots of block and concrete have gone into this process. We are so thankful to all who have helped out! We also built our firewall for the tasting room. This meets code and beyond! More good things to come. 👀

Update as of November 1st 2020:

We are making headway with our tasting room. The gallery above shows the foundation being laid for our taproom. Does anyone want to guess how many blocks were used? 1,200.  
We are aiming to get everything framed before it gets too cold, then move inside. The projected timeline is for the taproom to be completed by Spring 2021. 

Stay tuned….📺

Update as of October 21st 2020

Well, will you look at that!? We are moving some earth getting ready to build our taproom! We have officially broken ground! Stop by for more updates over the next few months. ✌


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