Crowlers eh??

So many of you have been thinking, wow that’s an impressive can or what the heck is a Crowler??? We have seen a 64oz glass jug known as a growler before and we did fill those in the past year for our customers. So we understand the head scratching.

Well, the idea of a 32oz Crowler started out in the foothills of Colorado. Oskar Blues came up with the idea (along with the Ball corp) of being able to give customers the ability to take out draft beers with an extended shelf life. They have been around since 2016 and have gained popularity with craft breweries over the last 4 years.

Some of the reasons why WFB decided to make the investment were
they give customers more variety (two 32oz cans vs one 64 oz gallon jug) and beer lasts longer on shelf. The can helps keep out UV rays and oxygen. This also allows the customer to take out beer that we might only have on tap.

Fresher Longer + More Variety = Happy Beer Drinkers.

So far we have really enjoyed being able to deliver these to you.

Take it easy,

-Tom (one of the too many…)

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